Thursday, May 27, 2010


Mr. Fantasy's cuts on his leg were a little deeper than Mike originally suspected, but they did not require stitches. We will not miss too much time, but Mr. Fantasy will not go back to the track for 7-10 days. Besides the cuts, Mike reports that he came out of the race in good order.

Phosphorescent's foot was much better so Lupe went ahead and had the blacksmith put his shoe back on. He went back to the track on Monday and moved soundly. Lupe plans on jogging him for a little while before resuming normal training. It could be as short as a few days or maybe a little longer. Lupe wants to see how the horse does after a few days. Phosphorescent is quite fit, and Lupe wants to make sure that foot does not flare up again. We will look for a "two other than" allowance going short on the turf for his next start. Depending on how quickly Lupe feels comfortable cranking up the training again that will most likely be in the second half of June

The Defense Rests came out of his last breeze in good order and Mike maintains that he will need one more work before running. Mike has yet to pick out a race, but he will do so in short order.

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