Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mr. Fantasy had his third IRAP treatment last Friday and is now ready to be pinfired.

Phosphorescent is being turned out at Dale's farm getting the sun on his back and doing well. The tack will go back on in the first half of September.

The Defense Rests continues walking daily and is progressing on schedule.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Mr. Fantasy had his second IRAP treatment Friday and will have his third and final one this Friday. He will then be pinfired. Terry saw him with Dr. Baker while in Kentucky this week and said he looks excellent.

Phosphorescent is doing well at Dale's farm. Dale has an indoor training center, so he can get some sun then begin getting legged up when we put the tack back on him in the first half of September.

The Defense Rests is hand walking 20 minutes a day. The tendon swelling has almost totally dissipated now. It looks like he might be a candidate for shockwave therapy to further stimulate the area. Everything is looking very good now. They say The Defense Rests has a great mind and could not be progressing better overall.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mr. Fantasy will get his second IRAP therapy on Friday. He is scheduled to have his third and final treatment next Friday. After that he will be pinfired.

Phosphorescent settled in nicely at Dale's farm until early September

The Defense Rests has begun walking. This is about a week sooner than was initially expected. He'll likely go back under tack in one to two weeks.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Phosy Update

The scan came back that Dale had done on Phosphorescent, and it showed a hot spot from the ankle up to the cannon bone. The vet said that it looked like Phosphorescent might be trying to develop a stress fracture. He did not see anything that would require surgery, but he recommended sixty days out of training. He felt that should prevent the hot spot from developing into a stress fracture. Thus, Phosphorescent will remain at Dale's farm until about September 1st.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Mr. Fantasy has been given the go ahead to begin hand walking. They've taken the bandages off of him. Dr. Baker said he has been all class so far. Click here to see video taken last week.

Phosphorescent was scanned on Monday. Dale did not have the results yet. However, Dale can tell something is bugging him. Accordingly, he shipped Phosphorescent to his farm. We'll give him a couple months off to get right and see what the scan shows.

The Defense Rests is scheduled to remain on stall rest for another 2-3 weeks at Goodwin Farm.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Click here for Mr. Fantasy's vet report dated 6-15. Mr. Fantasy had a routine week. link to Breeders Cup points for Dirt Mile Mr Fantasy 5 points

Phosphorescent is still not moving 100 percent. Dale said that he's better than he was after the race, but he has watched this colt every day and can just tell something is bugging him. As a result, Dale is going to go ahead and send Phosphorescent in for a full scan on Monday. We don't want to guess and press through something only to realize a little time off might have solved everything. Dale thinks we'll likely need to give him a little time off no matter what the scan finds, but we'll see if anything else turns up.

The Defense Rests will be on stall rest for another 3-4 weeks at Goodwin Farm.