Sunday, May 29, 2011


Phosphorescent worked out at Parx going 4F in 50:41 13 o f16

Friday, May 27, 2011


Brave Monarch worked out this morning going 5F in 1:02:00

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Brave Monarch came out of last week’s work with some more swelling in the gelding area. It isn’t uncommon for horses to get minor infections after being castrated. He’s been galloping at Fair Hill daily and Graham’s team treated him with oral antibiotics. A work is expected toward the end of the week. Right now are a targeting a 30k maiden claiming race going 1 mile on the turf on Monday, June 6th at Delaware Park.

The Defense Rests’ quarter crack has improved and it looks like expert Ian McKinley was able to cut out and dry out the tender part of the part of the hoof. He plans to apply a fiberglass patch to the affected area within the next few days. At that point TDR should be able to go back to the track. If he gets back onto a regular breeze schedule early in June, we are hoping to see him in the starting gate before the end of the month barring anymore setbacks. Rest assured, Mike and his team are doing everything they can to treat this issue and get this horse to the races.

Phosphorescent arrived back to Lupe’s barn at Parx and settled in well. He is galloping daily and expected to return to the worktab next week. Lupe said that he was a little bit stiff in his hind end the past few days (common for horses after training for a few days over a new surface), but seems to work out of the stiffness after warming up. No big deal. Lupe is pleased with his coat condition and muscle tone. At this point, a July return to the races for our turf lover is viable.

Mr. Fantasy grabbed a front heel when galloping earlier this week and it’s been a bit tender. He hasn’t gone to the track the past few days to give the bruise some time to heal, but Mike expects him to resume training any day. We can expect to see him back on the worktab later within the next week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Aftermarket Filly

Here is short video of Aftermarket Filly startign preps for sale in Aug in Saratoga

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Brave Monarch worked five furlongs in 1.03:20 (14 of 16) on Tuesday morning at Fair Hill. Graham called it a decent, steady work. However, his team noticed some swelling in this horse's gelding area. It is slightly irritated and infected. This isn't a serious issue, but he will need to be on antibiotics to knock this out. He is scheduled to work back next week, and then we will look for another race.

Mr. Fantasy returned to the worktab on Saturday, covering three furlongs in 38:85 (28 of 37) over the training track at Belmont. Mike said, “He’s moving along. We’ll need to get a few more three furlong works into him before progressing to a half. He is moving soundly and looks good.”

Mr. Fantasy receives weekly intramuscular Adequan injections to help promote healthy cartilage, particularly in his ankles.

Phosphorescent is scheduled to leave Ocala today  and will arrive to to Lupe’s barn at Parx on Friday.
The Defense Rests came off the track earlier this week and was off up front. Mike discovered that he has come up with yet another quarter crack. Frustrating.
The farrier has been out to the barn twice to try and trim the area, and there has been some improvement. They are also soaking the foot in hot water and Epsom salt to help relieve inflammation. Mike is hopeful the farrier can apply a fiberglass patch to the area before the end of the week.

This horse has been extremely frustrating. He is just about ready to run, but will miss about a week of training due to this quarter crack. You would never know when looking at him that he has poor quality feet. Mother Nature didn’t provide him the strongest hoof walls and soles.
While we don’t have a race target at this point, we are strongly considering running for a 50k claiming tag when he is ready. We have a four-year-old maiden with two starts under his belt and want to give him every chance to excel. It is highly, highly unlikely that anybody would spend 50k to claim an older horse with only two starts. We aren’t giving up on this horse, but our strategy long term is to get him into spots where he can be competitive and pay his way. More information to follow.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Brave Monarch  worked out this morning going 5F in 1:03:20

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Mr Fantasy worked out at Belmont this morning going 3F in 38:85   28 of  35

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Brave Monarch is galloping daily at Fair Hill Training Center. Recent Kentucky Derby winning trainer Graham Motion said, “He’s been galloping along very well. The gelding area looks good, and a breeze is expected later this week.”
Race target:
30k maiden claiming going 1 1/16 miles on the turf on
Saturday, May 21st at Delaware Park. 
The Defense Rests worked four furlongs in company 50:47 (13 of 16) on Tuesday morning at Belmont. This horse is really coming into hand nicely. His last few works have been encouraging, and his fitness level is increasing. After next week’s work we’ll target a maiden special weight toward the end of the month at Belmont.
Mr. Fantasy is galloping daily at Belmont and is set to have his first work back over the surface within the next few days. “He’s holding good weight, and his coat looks great,” said Mike. “He is moving soundly, but keep a close eye on those ankles. They will always hold a little bit extra fluid.”
Phosphorescent breezed a quarter mile and galloped out three furlongs on the farm on Saturday. David doesn’t put a clock to his horses in these type of efforts, as he is just looking for them go easily with little urging.
He is scheduled to ship by van to  Lupe’s barn at Parx next week. Upon arrival he will walk the shedrow for a few days to acclimate to his new surroundings before heading to the track. We expect him to appear on the official worktab toward the end of the month in anticipation of a summer return to the races.

We’ll likely try to come back in an allowance race toward the end of June. If he comes back and run well off the bench, we’d love to try for the PA Governor’s Cup at the end of July at Penn National. If you remember, he was a close 2nd to eventual Breeders’ Cup winner Chamberlain Bridge in last year’s running.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Defense Rests worked out at Belmont this morning going 4F in 50.47 13 of 16

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Defense Rests work a bullet four furlongs in 48:02 (1 of 13) on Tuesday morning at Belmont. Feet look good and we’re getting excited for his return. He’s been training very aggressively and is on target to return in a maiden special weight toward the end of this month at Belmont.

Brave Monarch is galloping 1 ½ miles daily at Fair Hill Training Center and will resuming breezing in about 1-2 weeks. Once Graham gets back from the Kentucky Derby early next week, we’ll talk races. 

Mr. Fantasy arrived to Belmont Park this morning and settled in well. He’ll walk for a day or two before heading to the track.
Phosphorescent breeezed a quarter mile and galloped out three furlongs (essentially continued at a brisk pace for an additional furlong before pulling up after his quarter mile breeze) on the farm in Ocala.
He’s continuing to build a strong foundation, and remains on a weekly breeze schedule in anticipation of shipping back to Lupe’s barn later this month.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bullet Work

The Defense Rests worked out at Belmont this morning going 4F in 48:02   1 of 13

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Baby

The following pictures are of our 2 week old baby colt out of Affirmed Promise sired by Blue Grass Cat

New Baby Part 2

Off to the Sales

Our Aftermarket Yearling Filly will be going to the August Fasig-Tipton NY Bred Sale in Saratoga