Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The News is becoming more upbeat to getting back to the track . Anyone else like myself that saw the The Defense Rests breeze at Turf Paradise i can inform you it was not him . we are not sure where Equibase came up with that

Mr. Fantasy had an uneventful week at Fairlawn. Dr. Baker is set to blister his ankles within the next week.

Phosphorescent is jogging at Dale's farm. He'll jog for the remainder of the week then begin getting ramped up. Dale has to get some pounds off him still, so he doesn't want to bring him in until he is a bit fitter.

The Defense Rests continues jogging. He will jog through late October and then begin galloping.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updates .. looking better

Mr. Fantasy looks fabulous. He is turned out daily in paddock next to Tapit's Brew at Fairlawn. His coat looks good and he has grown up tremendously during his time off. Dr. Baker is set to blister his ankles on or around October 1. Click here to see a video taken of Mr. Fantasy yesterday at Fairlawn.

Phosphorescent has begun jogging at the farm to start to get him going again. Dale will gradually begin to increase the intensity with him beginning next week.

The Defense Rests has gone back under tack. He resumed jogging on Monday. We'll likely jog him until late October before turning him around to begin galloping.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Updates .. Looking Healthier

Mr. Fantasy looks great and is soaking up the sun in Kentucky. He gets turnout out during the day and is brought in at night. Terry saw him today and reports he is carrying his weight well. Buzz Chace also saw him and mentioned how good he looks. He will be blistered in the next couple weeks. We will update everybody once Dr. Baker completes the procedure. Click here for video of Mr. Fantasy at Fairlawn.

Phosphorescent- Dale wants to give Phosphorescent until the end of the month before bringing him back in. He felt two extra weeks now wouldn't be a bad thing since there's no target race we are pointing for.

The Defense Rests was scanned this week and given a clean bill of health. He will resume jogging on Monday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mash Unit Updates

Mr. Fantasy looks great. Dr. Baker reports that he is moving well in the paddock. He will be turned out for the next couple weeks. Dr. Baker will blister his ankles in short order.

Phosphorescent- Dale returned from Saratoga last night. He will evaluate Phosphorescent this week and he will go back under tack in short order.

The Defense Rests will be checked again by the end of the month.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Breaking News

We received news on Thursday that Kiaran McLaughlin is going back to being a semi -private trainer for Darley and as Westpoint had 20 horses with him he told Terry that he had become too big of a client with his new plans .

Terry is going to divide the East coast horses between Tom Albertrani and Michael Hushion both Mr Fantasy and The Defense Rests will be going to Michael Hushion . I spoke to Terry at Saratoga yesterday and he was very upbeat about the changes . Hushion has had a great summer at the Spa and look forward to getting the boys racing agin . If your like me and did not know much about Hushion his NTRA bio is linked below

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Mr. Fantasy is enjoying his turnout time at Fairlawn. Dr. Baker will blister all four ankles and reevaluate him in thirty days. The topical blister will promote further healing in the ankle area. His coat is shiny and has held his weight well.

Phosphoresecent will be evaluated one Dale returns to KY from Saratoga on Tuesday. He will likely have the tack put back on in the next couple weeks.

The Defense Rests is enjoying his turnout time at Goodwin. He will be evaluated in 2-3 weeks.