Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Mr. Fantasy is being turned out daily after being pinfired. He looks good and is happy.

Phosphorescent is being turned out daily at Dale's farm in Kentucky. He spends the day turned out and is brought into the barn at night. Once Dale returns from Saratoga and takes a look at him he will resume light training.

The Defense Rests will be reevaluated in the second half of September. If the vet is pleased with his progress he will resume light training.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mr. Fantasy is doing fine at Fairlawn Farm. He is about to begin turnout after being pinfired. Everything has gone according to plan thus far in his recovery.

Phosphorescent will be evaluated upon Dale's return to Kentucky from Saratoga.

The Defense Rests was scanned at Goodwin Farm by ultrasound veterinarian Dr. Leroux. The swelling in both front tendons has decreased, but she believes an additional 30 days off will benefit him.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mr. Fantasy has one more week of stall rest mixed with a brief period of hand walking after being pinfired. He will be turned out beginning next week

Phosphorescent remains turned out. Dale will evaluate him once he returns after Saratoga wraps up.

The Defense Rests is to be scanned on Thursday. If all looks well, then he will come back into Kiaran.

Weekend at Saratoga

A great weekend in Saratoga was had .Started of with the lively Westpoint party Friday night which was full of energy after a maiden win for Encore Saritta and big hopes for Macho in the Whitney . Fantastic to catch up with partners, old friends and make some new friends . Followed by a few drinks at The Parting Glass ......

Saturday morning Tina and I went to the seminar held by Fasig -Tipton and the refurbished sales center .It was alive with keen sellers showing off their horses and many buyers frantically making notes in their sales books . Their were a couple of hips we really liked Hip 145 a Dynaformer/Hard to Copy Colt that went unsold . The second was from an Australian sire Hip200 Encosta De Lago(Aus)/Nicole and Krista (Ire) which sold for $500.000.00 to Bob Bafferts agent . Then across the road to the track to catch up with the WestPointers and make a couple of $$$$ at the windows ... Weekends like this go on the prove this is the greatest sport to be involved in and why Saratoga is a must go to place for any race fan

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Mr. Fantasy was pinfired yesterday. He will be on stall rest for two weeks, but will be hand-walked daily. After two weeks he will begin turnout in a small paddock.

Phosphorescent will remain turned out until the end of the Saratoga meet then be evaluated again to see when the tack can go back on.

The Defense Rests is having shockwave therapy as he walks and we get ready to begin to ramp back up his training later this month.