Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7ta carrera domingo 17 de febrero 2013

Pleasantly fit finished 7th on Sunday in the Classico " Ernesto Navarro Diaz" He was well beaten comig back after 2 weeks and having to endure a log time behind the gate to load .


Sky Afleet had some thickening in his left front tendon earlier in the week. Dr. Brandon ultrasounded and there is a small tear in the tendon. “The hole is in a different part of the tendon that his original injury,” says Kip. “It’s a shame because he was training so well. Dr. Brandon is going to consult with his colleagues and come up with a treatment plan, but this horse is probably going to need 90 days out of training.”

Kip is going to give Marketfrontrunning her first breeze next week

Bellameister and Mythical Yarn are on foal watch

Mythical Yarn`s foal  continues to be boyish and giving the colts a hard time   LOL

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pleasanty Fit

Pleasanlty Fit started out 2013 with a 2nd place finish


Sky Afleet continues training with great energy. “Terry and I talked about this horse and agreed to get a few more works under him on the farm before heading back to Tom. He was getting a little too keen working in company, so I’m going to work him a time or two by himself. He’s so eager that he wants to go a little faster than I want him to at this stage. With another couple works under his belt, I’ll be more comfortable having him go a little faster like he wants to do.”