Thursday, June 30, 2011


Mr Fantasy worked out at Belmont going 3F in 36:40  3 of 14

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Brave Monarch is jogging after having his ankle injected last week and is set to resume galloping later this week. Graham reports that he is moving sounder but thinks we will see the maximum effect of the injection in about a week or so. Brave Monarch shouldn’t lose too much fitness, so we expect to breeze him fairly quickly before shopping for a maiden claimer on the turf at tracks around the Midatlantic region.
Once we get him back to the races (and hopefully have more luck getting him into a race) he needs to prove to be a consistent campaigner through the summer. There was a $13,000 capital call last quarter, he needs to start earning his keep

Mr. Fantasy worked three furlongs in 36:23 (1 of 6) on Thursday at Belmont. Mike reports that he got a bit tired late in the work, and will need to go another three furlongs before graduating onto half miles. His ankles seemed fine after the work, which is a good sign. He remains on a weekly breeze schedule and is on target to ship to Saratoga in mid-July.

Phosphorescent had a good week of gallops and is scheduled to breeze on Sunday morning at Parx.

The Defense Rests became quite body sore last week so Mike had to take it easy on him for a few days. He is moving much better now and is scheduled to work on Friday. Because of this setback he missed a work, unfortunately the 50k maiden claimer on July 7th at Belmont is not a viable option from a timing perspective.

Accordingly, we plan to look for an extra race before the Belmont meet concludes on July 17th. The chances of an appropriate extra race going are pretty good. While a 50k maiden claimer is our ideal target, this horse needs to run, so we’re going to be very aggressive in his race placement. A Partner vote will be held to run for a tag once a target race is selected.

We understand that this has been an extremely frustrating and tough luck horse that has been plagued with setbacks in his career. It’s just been one thing after another with him and Mike and his team have worked very hard to keep him together since he showed us talent in his races last year. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to get him back to the races and want to walk him over to the paddock feeling confident that he is fit enough and will perform.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Mr Fantasy worked out at Belmont going 3F in 36:23   1 of 6

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The Defense Rests worked four furlongs in 48:45 (3 of 43) on Sunday at Belmont. He finished up with good energy, and most importantly came out of the work in good shape. We are finally ready to talk races after fighting an uphill soundness battle with this horse. A meeting with Mike and the WPT management team is taking place this week to determine a race target for him. More information to follow. 
Phosphorescent resumed galloping yesterday at Parx and has been temperature free for several days now. Dr. Hanf scoped him yesterday just to make sure there was no mucus or irritation in his respiratory system from the fever, and everything looked clean. Lupe plans to breeze him within the next week. If all goes well, we should see our turf lover back in the starting gate in about a month 

Brave Monarch worked five furlongs in 1.02:20 (22 of 26) on Saturday at Fair Hill over the Tapeta surface. However, he did come out of the work sore in his left front leg. Graham’s vet did a complete lameness evaluation on him today and pinpointed the left ankle as the joint bothering him. X-rays showed no chips or structural damage. His suspensory and tendons are fine, which is good news. Accordingly, the vet injected the ankle with hyaluronic acid to help lubricate the joint and promote healthy cartilage health. He will have a few days off before returning to the track. We’re injecting and going on with it.

This horse has been extremely frustrating with us not being able to get him into a race, and now with this minor ankle issue. Rest assured WPT and Graham are doing everything possible to get him back to 100% and into the starting gate as soon as possible. It does no one any good to have him not going out there and competing 
Mr. Fantasy’s ankles were carrying a little bit more fluid that Mike would have liked to see late last week. Accordingly, he had the vet come out and inject both front to help maintain the joint and keep the cartilage as healthy as possible. If there is an abundance of blood in the synovial joint fluid, you’re in trouble, but Mr. Fantasy’s looked pretty good. He’s been back to the track this week after having the weekend off, and is moving well. Mike plans to breeze him within the next few days.

Monday, June 20, 2011


The Defense Rests worked 4F at Belmont Sunday in 48:40   3 of 43

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Brave Monarch  worked out at Far Hills going 5F in 1:02:20   22 od 26


Unlucky news about a next race for Brave Monarch. We entered at Penn National, but they used the race on the dirt because there is apparently an issue with the turf course there. We think running on the dirt would be wasting a race with this horse being that he trains just ok over it, so will not pursue running.

The Delaware racing secretary indicated to Graham that there is quite a bit of interest in a 25k-30k maiden claiming race on the grass there, and expects to use it as an extra within the next week. Since BM was excluded there last time, chances are we will draw in.
Our backup races are the 25k maiden claimer on July 2nd at Belmont or the 25k maiden claimer on July 4th at Monmouth.
We'll also keep a close eye out for any extras around the region

Lupe reports that Phosphorescent is doing much better and that his cough is almost non existent. Accordingly, Phos will resume jogging tomorrow morning, and if all looks good get back into regular training early next week

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Brave Monarch will be entered on Friday into a 32k maiden claiming race going 1 1/16 miles on the turf for Monday, June 20th at Penn National. We entered today for a 25k maiden claimer for Saturday at Delaware, but the race was not used. We’re doing everything we can to get him into the starting gate as soon as possible

The Defense Rests worked four furlongs in 51:02 (35 of 42) on Monday at Belmont. He worked well and most importantly came back well on his previously sore foot. We are moving forward. Mike expects us to see this colt in the starting gate in the first week of July. He needs 2-3 more works under his belt to be race ready after missing some time with his foot issue. Our ideal spot is a 50k maiden claiming race going short on the dirt.

Phosphorescent spiked a temperature earlier this week and has been coughing, which is why he did not appear on the worktab. Lupe and his team noticed that the normally very aggressive Phosphorescent was very quiet in his stall. The vet came out and prescribed antibiotics to help knock out the cough. This morning the fever is completely gone, but he is still coughing just a bit. This should be knocked out within the next few days, and then he’ll return to training.
Mr. Fantasy worked three furlongs in 37:22 (4 of 30) on Tuesday morning at Belmont. Mike said, “The work went well. He went nice and easy and most importantly it looks like we are over the foot issue. I’d like to get one more 3/8ths into him and then we’ll move into a series of half mile works.” If everything goes according to plan moving forward, we can expect to see Mr. Fantasy back in the starting gate this summer at Saratoga


Honeysuckle Vine worked out at Finger Lakes  going 4F in 50:20  8 of 18   word from the track is she really slowed down towards end so was scoped and found to have a lot of mucus

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Mr Fantasy worked out at Belmont this morning going 3f in 37:22  4of 30

Monday, June 13, 2011


The Defense Rests worked out at  Belmont going 4F in 51:02 35 of 42

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Brave Monarch worked out at Fair Hills  going 4F in 49:20 from the gate  4 of 14

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brave Monarch To Scratch

Graham just spoke with the racing secretary at Belmont and there have yet to be any scratches from today`s race. We don't want to ship up there on a whim and then end up not being able to run, so will scratch out of the race. It is frustrating that this horse hasn't drawn into the last two races entered, but we feel confident that he will be in the starting gate soon. The backup target is the 25k maiden claimer going 1 1/8 miles on the turf on Friday, June 17th at Monmouth. Entries are taken on Sunday

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The Defense Rests worked a bullet three furlongs in 35:89 (1 of 21) on Monday at Belmont. Being that he is over his most recent foot issues, Mike is going to be a bit more aggressive in his morning workouts to get him race fit. We’ve waited a long time to see this horse back in the starting gate, and  are fortunate that that hoof expert Ian McKinley and Mike have been able to remedy this foot bruise. We expect to see this horse in the starting gate within 30 days. We’ll try target a race within the first few days of July after he he’s got three more longer distance breezes into him

Phosphorescent worked four furlongs in 48:41 (5 of 12) on Saturday at Parx. A very nice half mile work, considering this horse has never lit up the stopwatch in the mornings. He remains on a weekly breeze schedule in anticipation of a July return. Lupe will try to get racing secretary Sal Sinatra to write a money allowance going short on the grass for us.

If he comes back as good as he was last year, we’d love to take dead aim on the 200k Pennsylvania Governor’s Cup going 5 furlongs on the turf on July 30th at Penn National before coming back in the 250k Turf Monster Handicap (G3) on September 5th at Parx.

Mr. Fantasy’s foot continued to bother him late last week, which is why he did not appear on the worktab over the weekend. Hoof expert Ian McKinley equipped him with an acrylic-fiberglass patch on Sunday, and it seems to have done the trick. This patch is created by covering the hoof with with an acrylic adhesive which sets in five minutes. It helps relieve pressure on the hoof being that it is stronger than the hoof wall itself, and provides support.

He’s galloped soundly the past few days, and should return to the worktab by this weekend.


Honeysuckle Vine ( half sister to Mr Fantasy ) worked out at  Finger Lakes going 3f in 41:80  6 of 6

Monday, June 6, 2011


The Defense Rests worked out at Belmont going 3F in 35:89  1 of 21


Date 06/10
Track  Belmont Park
Race #  7
Distance 1 1/16mi
 Surface Turf
Post Time 4:07 EDT
 Post Position 13 of 12
 Jockey Rajiv Maragh
Purse $23,000

Brave Monarch is first on the also eligible list for the 25k maiden claimer going 1 1/16 miles on the turf on Friday at Belmont. Therefore, we need one scratch between now and Thursday afternoon to run. We think the chances are pretty good that we see him in the starting gate. If he does not draw in, we will target the 25k maiden claimer going 1 1/8 miles on the turf on June 17th at Monmouth.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Phosphorescent worked out at Parx going 4F in 48:41 5 of 12

Friday, June 3, 2011


Brave Monarch worked out going 5F in 1:04:00 6 of 8

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The 30k maiden claimer at Delaware on June 6th oversubscribed and Brave Monarch did not draw in. We have a few different backup plans. There is a 25k maiden claimer going 1 ¼ miles on the turf on June 10th at Belmont and also a 25k maiden claimer going 1 ⅛ miles on the turf on June 17th at Monmouth. Graham is going to look around the region for any other spots, but these two races are on the radar. We’ll run where we can get in.

The Defense Rests worked three furlongs in 38:45 (8 of 10) this morning at Belmont. Mike reports that he moved well, and most importantly came back sound. Since he missed some time with the foot bruise, he will need about three more works to be race ready. Like we’ve mentioned before, we’ll likely look for a 50k maiden claiming spot to give him every chance to be successful first time back off the layoff.

Phosphorescent worked four furlongs in 50:41 (6 of 8) on Sunday at Parx. He’s never been a super fast work horse, and Lupe knows this, so he was just looking for a steady effort with a good gallop out, and he got just that. After a couple more works, we’ll start shopping for an allowance race going short on the turf for his return.

Mr. Fantasy is still a bit sore from grabbing a front quarter, which has prevented him from working. He is still favoring the leg a little bit, so Mike has kept him in light training for the past week. They are treating the grab, and expect him to return to the worktab on Sunday or Monday


The Defense Rests worked out at Belmont going 3F in 38:45 8 of 10