Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mr Fantasy and Dad E Dubai

Mr Fantasy on the left and Dad E.Dubai on the right taken on Sunday in Kentucky . Mr Fantasy was at Goodwin Farm , E Dubai at Darleys Stud .

Mr Fantasy in Kentucky

"Mr. Fantasy is scheduled to leave Fairlawn on Thursday to ship to Ocala"
"Phosphorescent will ship to Churchill Downs next week. He will get a few weeks of training in before shipping to the Fair Grounds in New Orleans."
"The Defense Rests looks great and is moving well. Mike reports that he is about a week away from breezing."

Sunday, November 15, 2009


In the next few days the title of our blog will change to bring it up to date with our recent activities ..

The next entry will be about our weekend in Lexington at the sales visits to see Mr Fantasy and the Stallions at Lanes End and Darley with pictures we took ..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update here is link missing from last post ... he looks very well wil be flying to Kentucky tomorrow for the sales over the weekend .
"Mr. Fantasy is scheduled to leave Fairlawn next week to go to Ocala. Click here to see video of him at the farm this week."
"Phosphorescent is galloping daily at Dale's training center. He continues shedding the pounds. We plan on sending him to the Fair Grounds for the winter. There we have the ability to run on the turf, and the competition is softer than it is in Florida. We have never tried him on the turf, and Dale thinks it is an interesting possibility. We want to shake some things up with him, and the turf may be something that can move him forward."
"The Defense Rests continues galloping for Mike Hushion. He will gallop for the next few weeks to get a solid foundation under him before returning to the worktab. He looks good and is moving well."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Mr. Fantasy had an uneventful week and remains on target to ship south later this month."
"Phosphorescent continues galloping and will begin breezing later this month."
The Defense rests arrived to Mike on Monday. He galloped yesterday and today and looks great."


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