Thursday, June 24, 2010


Mr. Fantasy has resumed galloping. Mike wants to make sure that we don’t open up those cuts on his legs, so he is not letting the riders do too much with Mr. Fantasy in the mornings. If all goes well, Mike would like to have Mr. Fantasy breeze in about two weeks. He’ll need a couple breezes, and we’ll look up and down the east coast for the best spot.

The Defense Rests showed some filling in his left front knee on Saturday. Mike had the knee x-rayed and they discovered a hairline fracture today. Fortunately, this was small and does not require any surgery. However, this will require two months off from training.

We realize there has been a series of starts and stops with this colt, and it is frustrating. However, we know The Defense Rests has talent and is fast. This injury will heal with simply a little time from Mother Nature, and we should have fun this fall. Fortunately, Mike caught this early.

We appreciate everyone's support and look forward to getting these road bumps behind us. We will send him to Stonewall Farm in Granite Springs, New York during his recovery

Maria’s Mon colt has now put in three quarter-mile breezes and galloped out to three furlongs. He has done very well through the early stages, and Mike feels that if all continues to go well he looks like a starter at Saratoga.

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