Thursday, June 17, 2010


Mr. Fantasy jogged for a few days longer than anticipated. Mike plans to turn him around and begin galloping him on Friday. Mike put a bar shoe on him to help prevent him from grabbing himself and opening up those sores that are healing on his legs. The cuts are not infected. They are just taking a little longer to heal.

Phosphorescent breezed a good half-mile in 48.28 on Tuesday at Philadelphia Park. The work was 6th of 37 at the distance. He went by himself and came back well. We remain pointed for the “two other than” allowance going five furlongs on June 26th at Philadelphia.

The Defense Rests went back to the track today after his race. Mike is treating him for the congestion in his lungs, and he thinks we should move forward significantly off the last race

Maria’s Mon colt went another quarter-mile in 26 on Sunday at Belmont. Mike has taken him to the gate twice now, and he will go roughly seven or eight more times before he runs. Mike will likely give him his first easy three-furlong breeze this week.

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