Monday, March 23, 2009

Turfway Park

Phosy looked great in the paddock alert and coat shining in the sun . It was a warm sunny afternoon much different to Friday morning in NY with the snow .

It was a busy day at Turfway big crowd met a lot of new people as WestPoint also had Fitz Just Right running . Tina enjoyed the liquid Lane`s End stil not sure what was in it ... Racing was eventful early on one jockey being thrown from his horse after the race another hitting the rail after horse from #1 pp came out of the gate and swerved badly .

Phosy came out of gate a little slowly but was running well a little too much off the pace in my opinion Kent said he was slipping going around the turn ( Dale said this has been happening all meeting) when he entered the stretch he found a higher gear until tiring to finish 4th a good result after a 5 month lay off he will now move on to Keeneland .

The trip was eventful besides the racing flying into Lexington we waiting an hour for our luggage then leaving Sunday morning the pilot was taken sick so had to wait for another pilot to fly in from Atlanta almost 3 hours later we were on our way and manged to make or changed connection in Atlanta had to be home as artist was coming with painting we had commissioned ( see above ) . Anyone flying into Lexington beware as company that handles the ground duties has changed and are not very good at the moment but we do recommend the Jean Farris winery and bistro


  1. He did run well. Thats was one of thoses races were the horses ran quite a bit better then the pp's would indicate. It was a tough spot coming off the pine. He will certainly move forward off that effort. Try Malones steakhouse in Lexington, its the big horseperson hangout. See you at teh Wood!

  2. Thanks hopefully he will . We would have tried there but have eaten a lot of steak lately ..LOL

    We will be in the dinning room at the wood come by and say Hi

  3. Sorry that comment was me, Scott van Laer but for some reason posting on our shared desktop post under my wifes name, mjglenno.

  4. Scott thought we had another follower ;-)

    Are you guys up for an award at NY Breeders Assoc ? we just got our invite

  5. Yes, we should win Champion 3yo colt/gelding and Broodmare of the year for Twice Forbidden and we have gotten consideration for horse of the year but I think that will go to commentator. Its a fun time. I went last year for the first time when we were nominated for champ 2Yo even though I knew we had no shot.

    Mr Fantasy looks like the leading candidate for 3yo champ next year. You might want to come a year early to scope it out. The trophie is amazing and the owner and breeder get one. Twice Forbidden is about a month away from foaling now so we are getting excitted. We could use a grade I placing as a baby shower gift. Tin Cup won't be running in a Grade I until the Met at the earliest so you get the first crack at it!


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