Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gotham Day

What can we take from yesterday ? Did we achieve what we set out too?
We were looking for Mr Fantasy to run a good race and have a good showing with running him into the ground . Of course we want him to win but at this stage not win at all costs . We did not want to run our Big race ( did I Want Revenge just run his Big race today?) but something to improve on in his next race and again in the one after that on May 2nd .
It was a good day the Aqueduct the weather was great could not have been much worse than the beginning of the week there was some good racing with some close finishes . There were a lot of partners and friends there to watch Mr Fantasy as well as others involved in the breeding and selling of Mr Fantasy and it was great to meet Scott , Greg and Michael .
Let me give you my break down of the events . Mr Fantasy is still is young horse and is making only his 3rd career start and that is a Grade III Derby prep against horses that have run in stakes races . With his 2 outstanding wins we know he is well bred and has plenty of speed and despite what many may think is the best horse racing in NY .
Tina & I while going down to the saddling enclosure we we lucky enough to just see the horses walking down Mr Fantasy was bringing up the rear that was the first sight we had of him and how he was starting to sweat something we have not seen in him before . He looked alert in the saddling enclosure where there were a lot more people there that have been at his other races did that unsettle him ?
While in the gate he was very restless as in his allowance race he was backed out and re- loaded where Haynesfield next to him started acted up . he was out of the gate well and to the front then the race did not set up as i am sure many of us thought it would where was Haynesfield and Russell Road ? . Alan was forced to take the lead something he really did not want to do Alan said he was charging and was holding him back although the fractions were soft in the end he still run a second faster than his allowance race and being eased up towards the end ( there is no blame here for the way Alan handled him ) . This was the first time he has come eye to eye with another horse into the stretch again something new to him . He seemed to tire in the deep stretch was it due to making all the running or is the distance too much for him will he make a great miler?
In summary he was 2nd best on the day running a second faster over same distance and earning a 98 beyer coping with new experiences and hopefully he will learn from them .He cooled down well after the race and appears in good health will no more in the next few days .


  1. Good summary of Mr. Fantasy's run in the Gotham. It got close to 70 there yesterday and I actually did worry on the drive down that the heat could possibly be an issue. He was a little riled in the paddock so the crowd and heat may have been a factor. It seems like this colt cannot get too much schooling in the gate. Time will tell soon enough what his distance is, whatever it is he is going to try hard and run great. He's young so if not the Derby then I am sure he will make his mark in future, maybe a factor at Saratoga? That would be awesome to look forward to! Glad to hear he is doing well after the race. I just really, really like this colt!

  2. I read on the Bloodhorse, steve Haskins column, that Terry Finley announced he was off the Derby Trail?

    I was surprised how much Mr Fantasy was washed out before the race. The paddock area at Aqueduct is so small and there are so many people, plus the colt is maturing and he is so aggresive he loves to race and knows his job. There is a reason Tin Cup Chalice is a gelding! It's frustrating when you lose the race before you go into the gate. That is what happened to us in Japan.

    It was great to meet you both. He still ran a good race and I believe he ran a very good race considering how much energy he expended in the post parade. I thought he would win prior to the race, obviously, but when I saw him going into the gate I thought he was in big trouble. Shows you the kind of heart he has to run that well. Hopefully Artie can fiqure out why he was so hot. You just cant win at the level unless you are 100%. I would say he was 90%.

    The benefit you have if you do go to the wood is that the competition might let you get away becuase they will be thinking he will fold. That could mean softer fractions and if he's at 100% He can win that race.

    I know they are state bred races but with his versatility the Big Apple triple is no brainer for Mr Fantasy. Including the bonus, if he sweeps all three it worth almost 500,000. Good Luck with what ever you decide.


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