Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gotham Fallout

If you have been reading blogs and racing press i am sure you have seen the not so good things written about Mr Fantasy after his run in the Gotham .. but i have to say i have seen some positive things written particularly by James Scully on the official Kentucky Derby website who puts him in his top 20 at # 18 and says he eligible to improve on his stakes debut .

Others have Beethoven on their lists stating although he washed out badly in the paddock for the FOY he still run a pretty good race. Didn`t Mr Fantasy just put in the same effort ? maybe it was an even bigger effort going fromm NYBred to open company for the first time and earning a 98 beyer .

Will he make it to Kentucky who knows would we like to see him there of course but at the same time have to consider what may be best for him in the long run . I have not heard where he intends to run next be it the Wood or Illinois Derby if he is still on the trail as soon i i know will update .. I just hope that he is in good health and whenever he comes out next runs a huge race and rubs in the face of those saying he should run in claimers .

As for Phosy he is still working well in Fla but having a hard time finding a race for him .


  1. Mr. Fantasy ran his heart out and it was a big run given all the energy spent being a little riled up before the race. He will always give it all he's got, he is very competitive. Claimers? You've got to be kidding..NO WAY!!! He is going to be a good one, if not in time for the Derby then down the road. Please let us know how he comes out of this race as soon as you hear. Thanks!

  2. This is a link to a very long blog at the Bloodhorse by Jason Shandlar and there are some slams but also some very postive feedback on Mr. Fantasy. Lots of support for him in the Illinois Derby towards the end of the blog.

  3. Cindy

    Thanks for your comments and the link i am sure half the people that write on these blogs have no idea other horses have run a lot worse than Mr Fantasy and they are willing to give them a chance he runs 3rd in his 3rd race in his 1st stakes race and they call him a failure .. He will give a much better account of himself next time out as soon as i have news on him i will post it


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