Monday, March 16, 2009

Thoughts from Tina

Hi Everyone

Usually Wayne is the one adding to the blog but I wanted to say something today.

First, I would like to thank everyone who has been following our adventures and to my workmates at TD Bank Wealth Management(silent majority or not) for your support. That picture on the back of my desk will change!

Wayne and I will be busy over the next few months figuring which race(s) we will be going to-it would be great if Phosy & Mr. Fantasy raced in the same locations but they do not! So next time you hear from us we will either be on our way to Turfway Park with Phosy or to Chicago with Mr. Fantasy( well he could go to the Wood also). You see what I mean. We don't know if we need to get on a plane or drive-as I have been told " Welcome to the world of Horse Racing!).

46 Days 22hrs 31min till Derby Day :)


  1. Glad Chicago is still being discussed. I'll keep checking here to see where Mr. Fantasy heads next. Any chance both your colts could end up at Saratoga this summer? Would be nice for you!

  2. Phosy ran there last year. We are hoping for the two of them to be at the SPA!
    Nice for me to go home again :)

  3. Ah, one of the ladies who was showing me around Saratoga for the yearling sales when we first 'met' Mr. Fantasy in 2007 grew up there. She met us at the Gotham and it was great fun for the three of us to see the colt again. That day in 2007 when we ran into the E Dubai colt was my first trip to Saratoga. Now I cannot imagine not going to the SPA for the summer meet.


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