Monday, October 18, 2010


Brave Monarch has been galloping for the past few days and is set to resume speed work next week. We remain on schedule to see him debut before the end of the year.

His sire, Maria’s Mon is currently ranked 4th on the 2010 Leading Sires List. Click here to see the list. His runners have earned over $7.2 million this year.

Mr. Fantasy remains on stall rest at Dr. Baker’s farm. His bandages are changed every other day and his ankles will be injected with hylaronic acid next week.

We had a partner request an estimation of cost for Mr. Fantasy’s return to the races:

Estimated total cost: $25,500
-4 months with Dr. Baker + surgery - $8,500
-2 months at training facility (most likely Florida) - $5,000
-2 months with Mike- $8,000
-8 months of management fee - $4,000

Phosphorescent’s radiographs were sent to Dr. Baker and we should have a full report from him within the next few days. Phosphorescent remains at Philadelphia Park.

The Defense Rests
is back jogging at Kirkwood Farm. He will jog for the next couple weeks before resuming gallops. Click here to listen to the Kip Elser conference call that took place last week. The beginning of the call provides some background information. The Defense Rests is specifically referenced at about 12:30.

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