Saturday, October 9, 2010

Phos Out ( Can`t catch a break )

Phosphorescent had a bit of heat in the ankle he wrenched last week this morning when he went to the track. Lupe had another vet come in and take digital x-rays, and discovered there is a tiny flake in the ankle. Phosphorescent will at minimum need some time off. The consulting vet said that if Phosphorescent were sound in the next five days he might be a candidate for a heavy blister and time off, but a removal is the likely best course of action with a horse like this.
We will send the digital x-rays to Dr. Baker for his opinion. It's disappointing any time a horse gets a setback, but this is very minor, and the timing is as good as you are going to get if you need time off. If everything is as routine as it initially appears, we'd be able to give Phosphorescent some time off now and then have him back in training in time to be ready for the beginning of the turf sprint season next spring. The first major target for most turf sprinters is the race at Arlington in June, so time off now gives us time to get him healthy and also give him a freshening. Then we could get a prep race in after the turf reopens next spring before setting on a course to try and get to Churchill Downs in 2011.
We will keep everyone updated once Dr. Baker gets the x-rays next week.

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