Monday, October 25, 2010


Dr. Baker saying that Phosphorescent is headed into surgery right now. Dr. Baker took another set of radiographs before the surgery and saw a very small chip in the left front ankle. He is likely pop it out while Phos is on the table so it doesn't become an issue down the road.
We conferred with Dr. Baker and Lupe and think that gelding Phosphorescent is the right move. It will help keep him and sounder by making it easier to manage his weight. He has always been eager in his training and this will make him a bit more manageable which in turn keeps pressure of his ankles. We want to do all we can to extend the longevity of his career, and to set him up for more successful campaigns down the future. We have had a lot of success with older geldings in our stable including El Gato Malo, and Breeders' Cup starters Awesome Gem and Tropic Storm.
Accordingly, Dr. Baker is going to geld Phosphorescent while he is under anesthesia for the procedure.
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