Friday, September 23, 2011

Mr Fantasy

Terry  a long talk with Mike Hushion this morning. Unfortunately, we’re not in a good spot with Mr. Fantasy. His last two works have been subpar and we’re struggling to hold him together. As we all know, his ankles have been an ongoing struggle. There’s some filling in his suspensory, and Mike feels that his breathing (which has been of concern in the past) is not where it needs to be. Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.
We’ve put a lot of money into this horse, and for good reason. He’s extremely talented and provided us with many thrills. Mike’s concern is that if we send him over to the frontside and he runs his eyeballs out (like we know he does each and every time), he could catastrophically injure himself. That’s what very good racehorses do - they run through their physical ailments. Mike has been a horse trainer for over 30 years. His gut tells him that this horse needs to see life away from the track.
It’s a tough pill to swallow. All of us at WPT love this horse. He runs hard every time he goes out there. Trust me when I tell you I had a knot in my stomach when Mike brought this up.
 We’re going to hold a conference call with Mike next Friday, September 30th to discuss this issue. We want everybody to feel comfortable with this decision and to understand that we’re looking out for the best interests of Mr. Fantasy by proposing retirement.

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