Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brave Monarch Retired

Brave Monarch has been retired from racing due to a tendon injury. After a good week of gallops, Graham went ahead and put an easy five furlong breeze into him over the weekend. He came out of the work with significant swelling in his right front ankle, despite having the ankle injected previously. After allowing the swelling to go down, Graham and his vet reevaluated him. There is 50% tear in the outside of the branch of the superficial digital flexor tendon. It would take 6-8 months for this type of injury to heal, the chance of reinjury is high, and it would likely reduce his class. Economically it does not make sense to give him the necessary time off to come back and try to be a racehorse.

This horse has been frustrating for all of us. We struggled to get him into races over the past few months, and then he sustains a career ending injury. An unfortunate reality of this sport is that not all horses are cutout to be top notch athletes.

Brave Monarch is scheduled to ship to a farm close to Fair Hill (the same farm WPT runner King Ting is stabled). If any Partners are interested in providing him with a good home, please let us know as soon as possible. Graham also has some adoption contacts in the area that we are going to work with

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