Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Defense Rests returned to the track and galloped soundly for a few days, but then became foot sore again. Mike said, “It was deep bruise, but my blacksmith was able to cut most of it. He put a fiberglass patch on the sore area of the hoof yesterday, and it made a huge difference. The colt galloped this morning, and moved soundly, which is a very good sign. I’ll know for sure within the next few days, but I think we’re able to move forward now without this bugging him and becoming aggravated.” A fiberglass patch is used to help strengthen the hoof wall. It is stronger than the hoof itself and creates a seal over the irritated part of the hoof once the bruise was cut out. The Defense Rests will continue galloping for at least another week before resuming breezes.

Phosphorescent arrived to David McKathan’s farm in Ocala, Florida. He’ll jog for the next couple weeks before mixing in gallops and remains on target to ship back to Lupe’s barn in early May. By this time he’ll have a few breezes underneath him. If all goes well, we look forward to seeing him back in action this summer.

Mr. Fantasy arrived to David McKathan’s farm in Ocala, Florida. He is turned out in a roundpen at night and brought into the barn during the day. Our horse remains on target to resume training in about three weeks.

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