Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thurs Phos Update

Phosphorescent's fever was elevated at 102.5 again last night. Lupe said it was not much, but it's a sign we're still fighting off an infection. Phosphorescent's blood work this morning looked normal, but he is still on antibiotics. Lupe said that it does not look good for us to make the Turf Monster. Lupe does not think it would be a fitness issue as Phosphorescent is still fit, but he thinks we'll be hard pressed to have him "right" in time to really be prepared for the race. Lupe said there is still a slight chance if he can be 100 percent comfortable and have Phosphorescent in full training by Tuesday, but right now he's considering the race a longshot at best.
Lupe said it best as to how we all feel when he said this morning, "I'm sick to my stomach. The race is on his home course, and we'd be one of the favorites. I don't want to end up getting him sicker or not have him ready to run his best. If he's doing great I won't be afraid to change my mind, but right now it's unlikely."
As for where we'll run if we don't make the Turf Monster, Lupe has nominated Phosphorescent to several races, but we'll sit down with him sometime late next week if we are out and look to map out the best path.

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