Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Update and Fun

Honeysuckle Vine worked  at  Finger Lakes today going 4F in 51:40  9 of 10

Horse Terms:

Auction: A popular social gathering where you can change your horse from a liability into an asset.

Colic: Gastrointestinal result of eating at horse-show food stands.

Colt: What your mare gives you when you want a filly.

Endurance ride: End result when your horse spooks and runs away with you.

Feed: Expensive substance used to manufacture manure.

Fence: Decorative structure built to provide your horse something to chew on.

Grooming: Fine art of removing dirt from your horse's body and applying it to your own.

Hock: Financial condition of all horse owners.

Lungeing: Popular training method in which a horse exercises his owner by spinning him in circles until dizzy.

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