Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Mr. Fantasy remains turned out during the day at Dr. Baker’s farm. Doc will x-ray his ankles in early January. We are just over two months into the projected 4-5 month out of training period.

The Defense Rests is back galloping after popping an abscess. The farrier advised that we keep the ¾ shoe on to make the bothersome area is completely drained. A full shoe will go back on in short order. If he continues training forwardly over the next few days, Kip plans to breeze him over the weekend or early next week. We plan to keep him in the milder climate of South Carolina for an extra couple weeks as the intensity of his speedwork is increased. We will get him up to Mike’s barn in New York in January. He will have a few breezes under his belt by the time. A late February/early March return to the races looks viable.

Phosphorescent is on schedule to have his ankle x-rayed by Dr. Baker in January. Lupe had nothing but positive things to say about our turf lover on yesterday’s “Tuesdays at Two” trainer conference call. Click here to listen.

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