Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Phosphorescent had his first of three IRAP therapy sessions late last week, and his next is scheduled for Monday. After the session, he will be on stall rest for two days before going back out into a small paddock for a few hours each day. Click here to learn more about the therapy. We are about one month in the projected 3-4 month out of training period.

Mr. Fantasy is scheduled to have his third and final PRP treatment on Monday. He remains turned out in the dry lot for a few hours each day, and enjoys his time in the sunshine. Dr. Baker has found that PRP therapy alone is most effective in rebuilding cartilage in ankles. He’s conferred with his team of vets, and is going to bypass IRAP therapy.

We are about 7 weeks into the 4-5 month projected out of training period. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy :After taking a sample of the his blood, in minutes a high-speed centrifuge separates blood plasma rich in platelets from the red blood cells. This PRP with its associated growth factors is then immediately injected into the soft tissue of the ankle creating what some call a "super-clot" that serves to help create a biologic scaffold upon which the body's own cells migrate and produce new collagen fibrils along lines of tension in the structure being treated. PRP is a fast, stall-side treatment that uses the horse's own cells and molecules to stimulate more rapid and stronger healing in a variety of structures.

Brave Monarch worked three furlongs in 37:60 (15 of 21) over the training track at Belmont on Saturday morning at Belmont. Mike said, “The clockers recorded this as a three furlong breeze, but he went a full four furlongs in 51. I was very pleased with the work. Next time I’ll make sure the clockers put down a full four furlong breeze.” We’ll get a few more works into our colt before looking for a maiden special weight at Aqueduct.

The Defense Rests had some heat in his left front foot earlier this week. Since we’ve had some foot issues with this colt in the past, Kip had the blacksmith come out yesterday and put glue on shoes back on him. Kip thinks he bruised his sole or perhaps stepped on a rock that caused the irritation. He’s been doing well, and responded well to glue on shoes in the past, so this should help us. This does not look like a serious issue, but he will miss a few days of training. Accordingly, we are going to wait until this is completely cleared up before shipping up to Mike at Belmont.

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